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Family Portrait

Photo shoot at location or in studio plus one High Quality A2 (60x40cm) print. 59.99 €.

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Photo shoot at location or in studio

+ 5 digital pictures in High Resolution

+ 5 high quality A5 prints

and one high quality A2 print. 179,99 €​

Portrait of a young woman
Premium Pack

Photo shoot at location or in studio

+ 5 digital pictures in High Resolution

and one high quality A2 print. 129,99 €

Hat Cat
Aangepast pakket.jpg

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Racheda Kooijman
Writer Debut Novel Vossenjacht | columnist Libelle

'Haik not only captures a moment, but also the past and the present. Each photo is a sum of the now, the melancholy and the joy.'

Noelia Sabarea

Noelia Sabarea

'Haik is able to transform the emotion of the moment beyond the lens. Spectacular photos with soul'.

Bailaora Flamenco / Flamencodancer

Amsterdam Artist Management
My compliments, this is the most beautiful artwork we have ever had!

Elselinda Schouten

elselinda schouten.jpg

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"


Klaar Afdrukken Nederlands Landschap.png

These special PRINTS, printed on photo paper with the highest quality technology, are ready to be shipped in a tube.



Feel free to tell me all your wishes, ideas and questions, and I will help you realize them as quickly and precisely as possible.


Stichting Flamenco Nederland


Kunst en dialoog.jpg



In this print titled "EQUILIBRIUM" by Haik Ahekian, a surrealistic world unfolds before our eyes. The artist masterfully combines elements of nature and music to create a visually stunning composition that evokes a sense of balance and creativity. At the center of the image stands a majestic tree, its branches reaching towards the sky with an air of tranquility. Perched on one of its sturdy limbs is an intricately designed guitar, symbolizing harmony and artistic expression. As if in perfect synchronization with the surroundings, a man emerges from behind the tree, his presence adding an element of mystery to the scene. The artist's creative editing techniques enhance the dreamlike quality of this piece. Soft hues and subtle textures give it an ethereal feel, transporting viewers into another realm where imagination knows no bounds. Through skillful manipulation, Ahekian has achieved equilibrium between reality and fantasy. This print invites us to contemplate the delicate balance that exists within ourselves and our environment. It serves as a reminder that even amidst chaos or uncertainty, there is always room for harmony and self-expression. Whether displayed in a home or office space, "EQUILIBRIUM" sparks conversation while providing visual delight through its surrealistic beauty.

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